Marketing Management

Al Mazaya Holding Company’s extensive range of services ensures that every aspect of the real estate market is taken care of with utmost efficiency and promptness.

Al Mazaya’s marketing services are grounded by an experienced team with a great vision and strategy for brand development. These extensive real estate marketing services both in Kuwait and Dubai prove Al Mazaya as one of the leading brands in its field.

Al Mazaya’s marketing team is disciplined in providing contingent studies and solutions for:

Corporate Identity & Brand Development: Al Mazaya has expertise and knowledge to offer great innovative branding and development management through corporate identity to brand initiation of different projects which establishes credibility and differentiation of the brand from competitors resulting in increasing customer loyalty.

Corporate Theme: Our marketing team offers identity building through a theme that reflects the company’s developments to communicate its plans for the current year and next year.  The theme reveals company’s promotional, media and advertising materials.

Event Management: The marketing team is available to assist in professionally managed and organized events that will guarantee to meet your expectations.

Marketing Strategy: Al Mazaya marketing team provides well-studied marketing strategies summarized in a SWOT analysis, marketing mix, plus performance analysis and strategic constraints, customer analysis, competitor analysis, target market analysis, as well as evaluation of any elements of the technological, economic, cultural or political/legal environment likely to impact success.

Leasing & Sales Strategy: The leasing department is experienced in providing a plan that aids in accelerating the leasing process through understanding key office space and commercial real estate terms.

Website: Al Mazaya IT team designs, develops and maintains IT-related web services which include web materials, interactive materials, on-line and off-line developments.

Marketing Tools, Advertising Campaigns & PR: The Mazaya Marketing Team develops creative and innovative marketing tools that build high product awareness and deliver real value of the product. The marketing team is well positioned to offer full advertising campaigns and all ATL (above-the-line) services including outdoor & indoor media that create exposure and establish a strong brand. Al Mazaya’s PR and Media Plans increase exposure in the market and result in a stronger brand.

 Mazaya Social Media: Al Mazaya is implementing a strategy to build an online community and database in order to increase the awareness and effectiveness of a powerful branding force through various social media channels.