Property Management

Al Mazaya Holding Company’s extensive range of services ensures that every aspect of the real estate market is taken care of with utmost efficiency and promptness.

Al Mazaya Property & Facility Management is reputable to provide a safe, physical working environment through preventive, daily and emergency maintenance, guarding and housekeeping services. Property & Facility management offers a customized service based on client’s needs. The team’s experience includes business management, information technology, real estate leasing, engineering and much about the quality of life aspects in the work environment. Technical Services offered include supervising and following up maintenance of Civil, Mechanical and Electrical works to sustain the operational conditions of the facility.

Maintenance & Operation: Property & Facility Management will assure a proper operation and maintenance for the facilities equipment and accessories by implementing and assigning a reputed operation and maintenance contractor.

Security Services: Property & Facility Management will provide the required security details for the projects and their belongings, controlling the in and out movement of the people and vehicles on day-to-day basis, and reporting any kind of accident or any abnormal action that may happen inside the facility.

Guarding Services: Property & Facility Management will assure a high level of security through specialized safety and security provider that have all the necessary infrastructure, resources, expertise and abilities to guard secure and insure the protection of the facility individuals, property and assets in an entirely professional manner, meeting with the highest international standards of security.

Cleaning Services: Assuring the proper cleaning services for the facility, Property & Facility Management will appoint a cleaning contractor to carry out the housekeeping as per international standards.

Pest Control Services: Property & Facility Management will provide, put in place and manage appropriate processes and procedures that will provide an effective response to pest and vermin infestation, and, in the event of infestation, provide put in place and manage appropriate professional pest control regimes.

Call Center: Al Mazaya Property & Facility management invested in the latest high-tech contact centers and call centers, which are defined as places where consumers are served through the reception of a large volume of inquiries, or through the calling out or transmission of sales, depending on the function of the contact center in question as both small and large companies are realizing the benefits of having Call Centers.

Collection of Rent: Al Mazaya Property & Facility Management is highly knowledgeable in the process of collection of rent that they can offer in a very professional and precise method with customers and tenants.