Real Estate Development

Al Mazaya Holding Company’s extensive range of services ensures that every aspect of the real estate market is taken care of with utmost efficiency and promptness.

Al Mazaya Business Development Management has expertise in managing programs to foster business development and work with resident industries, and consultants to expand existing operations. Our Team ensures stable and dynamic development of the company through the identification and realization of various business and organizational opportunities. The team is specialist and oriented to cover several tasks that include: Monitoring and studying of clients, market, industry, macro-economic factors & competitors. Identifying & studying of new market opportunities & ways for expansion. Developing strategic relationships & alliances with other companies. Expanding relationships with clients. Developing and maintaining of policies & strategies in public/media relations, company’s image, management, brand & product management etc. Studying ways to expand & improve production. Design & prepare customized proposals, packages, reports and presentations to prospective businesses.

Our Business Development Department has complete knowledge to support and guide   company’s strategic planning, that influence short-term and long-term goal setting, and providing information for effective decision-making in company management. Moreover, the team’s major proficiency and skills covers establishing Real Estate Portfolio & raising Real Estate Funds. Expansion plans of listing in stock exchange represents also a core part of these tasks. Additionally, the Business Development is able to provide a comprehensive service and key solutions for mega, medium and small size projects.

Feasibility Studies: Al Mazaya Feasibility Studies’ team’s ability to execute a feasibility study can look at the long-term viability of the overall business model. The team studies the methods that include an analysis of potential exit strategies, especially for investors and other stakeholders.