Awards & Certificates

Al Mazaya has established a set of rules to ensure the sustainability of its operations, ensuring the business delivers on the markets is operating at the economic, environmental and social levels. Al Mazaya also seeks to mitigate any adverse impact that might be caused by the company's operations by adopting initiatives that take into account the three major elements of development, namely Community, Environment and Economy.

January / 2018

Member of Middle East Investor Relations Association

August / 2017

Corporate Member at MEIRA

July / 2017

Top 50 listed influential Company in Kuwait

February / 2015

ISO 9001:2008

September / 2013

Super brands Awards

September / 2012

Super brands Awards

September / 2011

Super brands Awards

September / 2009

Super brands Awards

September / 2009

Most Admired Company

July / 2007

Best Real Estate Co.

September / 2006

Mazaya Real Estate Index

July / 2006

The GCC’s Most Admired Companies

January / 2006

RERA Licensed